​​​Media  Theory



Discussion questions

This is the character called Eleven in 

the Netflix series Stranger Things. How do we as an audience react to her? How do the other characters in the series react to her. How does she seem when wearing a girls' wig?


Discussion points

1) Could black male sexist behaviour be a reaction to their own experiences as humiliated victims of slavery.?

 Or is this a stereotypical assumption?

2) bell hooks' views on male desensitization could also link to the crisis of masculinity. Explain this concept.

Watch Mrs Fisher's video and complete the sentences: 

1) Women are not all ........ against in the same way or to the same extent.

2) Discrimination and oppression against women  vary depending on ... and class. 

TRC Media Video on bell hooks & Van Zoonen


Do you think there is a link between postmodernism and fake news?


Involves some recognition that gender stereotyping and conditioning are problems for men too. 


The 'West vs the Rest'  / Cocacolonization= US Cultural hegemony. 


Axel Bruns is also worth a mention here - he came up with the term produser: someone who is a user but also a produser of media content.

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