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​​​Media  Theory



1) List at least 6 visual signifiers (objects) that are normally associated with the horror genre.

2) List other codes & conventions that are commonly used in horror films. e.g. sound? narrative aspects? character archetypes? camera/editing codes?

3) Choose another genre and list its repertoire of elements (common codes & conventions). Sci Fi/ Vampire/ Twilight Zone/ High School Romance/Fantasy

Mrs Fisher's video: Steve Neale's genre theory

1) Which word does she use? 'Different and unexpected elements in a genre help to [deter/frighten/intrigue/ gratify] audiences'.

2) What is the effect of subverting ( undermining and disobeying) certain generic conventions? Give examples.  

4) Give an example of a hybrid genre text you have come across. Describe which elements are pure and which are borrowed.

5) Give an example of a text that relies on the reinvention of an older form. Which elements are repeated and which are different?

6) Can we transfer genre ideas from TV/Film to other media platforms? e.g. what are the generic conventions of a) tabloid newspapers? b) online news sites c) magazine covers

Quotation from Neale: 'genres are instances of repetition and difference' (Neale 1980, 48). He adds that 'difference is absolutely essential to the economy of genre': mere repetition would not attract an audience.

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